Investment Approach

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St Clair Holdings generates attractive, high yielding, multi-family real estate investment opportunities. With deep experience in investment, development, and property management, St Clair creates value by maximizing returns while creating communities that thrive.

St Clair Advantage

At St Clair, we believe that success goes beyond the bottom line. Beyond high yields, an investor demands trust, transparency, communications and timely reporting. Our executive team has a proven track record of delivering on these fronts to grow long-lasting relationships with our investors and investment partners.

When purchasing a property, St Clair searches for that one missing ingredient to unlock the value. Whether its providing the right mix of capital, design, construction, management or market expertise, St Clair has a proven history of maximizing value in its projects. 

St Clair focuses on three strategic investment areas: apartment investment, multi-family residential development, and student housing. Investments are managed through each of our divisions:

Investment Size

St Clair’s investments range from $1M to $100M. Our nimble corporate structure enables us to move quickly to pursue investments both large and small, deploying both private and institutional equity.